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Website Design

Over the past 10 years, I have designed literally hundreds of websites and with the speed of advancing technology,  website design seems to have changed as often as the weather!  Like fashion, you have to keep up with the latest trends, from new font types to the best UX practices, to modish colors & fonts plus everything in between. And lest we forget, with the rise of hand-held gadgets, it's now imperitve to create your online presence so it can be viewed not only from a computer but also from tablets and cell phones. 

Bottom line is: Your online presence represents YOU as a person, company or the product(s) being sold and it is my pleasure to  bring your presence to life and showcase it to the world via the internet.


"We had the pleasure of working with Cathy on several projects, She is an extremely creative, and flexible designer with high standards of professionalism with powerful combination of skills in UX design and the user experience in general. She has the ability to take concepts, deliver the most user friendly and engaging designs which has benefited both our team and my professional growth. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Cathy and looking forward to working with her in more future projects."

Gokul Krishnin
Founder  | 

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