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"We have had a long relationship with Cathy Vitco here at The Church of Grace and Peace. That is why I can say with confidence that Cathy Vitco is an extraordinary graphic artist/designer. Not just because the graphics are visually appealing and pleasant, but because she understands the needs of her clients and the message they are trying to communicate. I have worked with many graphic designers and it typically can take multiple attempts at communicating the concept before actually seeing a satisfying result; and too often that result comes up short. Not so with Cathy, she takes the time to listen to what her clients are needing to say and who they are needing to say it to. She understands we are seeking not only her artistic abilities, but her business sense as well. This attention to detail ultimately produces a design that not only looks awesome but brings positive business returns. We believe our message is important. We need a graphics designer who understands how we feel about our website and branding. Cathy is such a designer. She is a communicator and a graphic designer. I am very pleased to recommend her work to anyone seeking professional, beautiful, and productive designs added to their websites, Facebook pages, branding and communications.."


Jim Ricci   |   Business Administrator   |   Church of Grace & Peace

"My company, WebMax, has worked with Cathy for years.  Her keen eye for detail, depth, and beauty is astonishing.  We use Cathy for all of our design needs and consult with her before moving forward on anything that requires design, whether print or web.  Cathy is a true professional and I would highly recommend her for any design needs."


Kelcey T. Brown  |  CSO, the Success Manager  |  Webmax


"Over the past two years Cathy Vitco has created a number of wonderful and functional designs for the OTC, including a new website, a 50th anniversary annual report and a number of handouts highlighting our services.  The OTC company logo was completely updated and modernized while still retaining its original feel.  Cathy’s designs are original, artistic and very creative; and perhaps just as importantly, she is extremely responsive and easy to work with."

James Kilrain   |   Outreach Coordinator   |   Occupational Training Center

"We are an independent media production company and we have worked with Cathy on many projects. She is the rare professional that intuitively can understand what we want and need in the final product. She can take our basic ideas for our films and create a beautifully realized vision that is informative while being exciting to look at. We highly recommend her to anyone interested in working with a professional who goes above and beyond to make your project a success."

Svatka and Alton Simpson  |  Owners   |   3 Head Productions, LLC

"We had the pleasure of working with Cathy on several projects, She is an extremely creative and flexible designer with high standards of professionalism with powerful combination of skills in UX design and the user experience in general. She has the ability to take concepts, deliver the most user friendly and engaging designs which has benefited both our team and my professional growth. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to working with Cathy in more future projects."


Gokul Krishnin   |  Founder 

"I have been working with Cathy for fifteen years. She is reliable, responsive and always delivers. Her excellent communication skills allow her to capture my requirements so that she can deliver creative solutions that always meet or exceed my expectations. Her ability to work in many mediums from film to print to web means a consistent look across all campaign elements. If you need to take an idea from inception to an impressive, professional and successful campaign, engage Cathy."


Anthony Severino
Vice President, Client Engagement  |  Interphase Systems, Inc,

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