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Designing a logo is much more than choosing fonts, colors and adding a graphic to create a brand. Before any of that can be done there must be a defined identity. If you are wishy-washy and not clear and consistent on who you are then it shows up in your branding as well as the message you send to the world.


So many clients I have worked with have an 'idea' of what they want but are not always sure how to turn their vision into a brand, partly because they have not first solidified their unique identity.


Before designing a logo I try to help define who you are as a person, business or the product(s) you are selling by asking questions in order that I may be able to interpret in design "the who behind your do" based off of a having a clear understanding of your identity.  Once an identity is clarified and firmly established, the process of creating a logo is prepped for much smoother sailing!


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